Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Fashionista Bag

I had the most amazing opportunity to spend three days in New York City with Chef Elisa Strauss in a cake sculpting class hosted by the Institute of Culinary Education (ICE).  The class was constructed to teach students how to structure, carve and ice cakes to make them look realistic, which is one of Chef Elisa's specialties. Lots of creativity was brought on by Chef Elisa during these three days and it was so much fun!

Having spent three days learning everything from basic information to cake decorating tips, I believe it was worth every minute being there. We interacted one to one with the instructor and realized that there is more to cake decorating than just icing the cake. It's the time, love, effort and details we put into each of these custom cakes that make each one special and different.

Above was the cake I designed.  This cake was white vanilla with vanilla buttercream filling. Mark and I had the privilege of sharing this cake with some of our friends and it was heavenly!! Now I finally know what a minimum thousand dollar cake tastes like.

Check out more photos of the cake sculpting class at ICE with Chef Elisa of Confetti Cakes, NY using the link below. My cake is featured in the third photo (with three flowers on the cake board):

Link: Cake Sculpting Class at ICE with Chef Elisa Strauss

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