Monday, May 16, 2011

Graduation Mania

This weekend we were honored to be invited to attend the masters graduation of Ms. Hoong Yan See Tao at the University of Texas, El Paso. A cake was requested for her graduation party to serve at least 40 people and above is the cake designed for her. Having managed to extract information about the graduation colors, textbooks and desired cake flavors and filling, I created a 2 layered chocolate and vanilla cake with a raspberry filling for all 4 tiers of the cake. The edge of the cake board is also lined with cake pops in the shape of a mortar board with white tassels. Cake pops were moist chocolate cake with milk chocolate filling.

My surprise for her was the little figurine studying late nights with never enough coffee and books strewn all around the table. I though it was a perfect description of every college student's life. Below is a close-up of the sleeping figurine.

Congratulations again Ms. Hoong Yan See Tao!!! and all the best for your future pursue of a PhD.