Friday, August 8, 2008

Sugar Flowers

Edna is a professional cake decorator in Florida and produces easy step by step tutorials on how to create beautiful decorations for cakes. Her expertise is making them look as beautiful and real as possible

This is her tutorial on Calla Lilies
Calla Lilies - Part 1
Calla Lilies - Part 2
Calla Lilies - Part 3

Calla Lilies - Part 4

Edna's Gumpaste Roses.
Gumpaste Rose - Part 1

Gumpaste Rose - Part 2
Gumpaste Rose - Part 3
Gumpaste Rose - Part 4
Gumpaste Rose - Part 5
Gumpaste Rose - Part 6

Lorraine McKay is a self taught cake artist from Edinburgh, UK and has some of the most creative ideas in the cake industry I have ever come across. She also produces easy to follow tutorials on how to create cute and adorable cakes decorations.

This is her tutorial on miniature roses.
Miniature Roses

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