Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Tinkerbell & Friends

Tinkerbell and friends graced the home of my favorite clients Rob & Elsie Miller for a Christmas party they threw a couple weeks back.  A specialty cake was requested and I was given the honor to design the cake any way I wanted. Nikki, their little girl happens to love cartoons, fairies and princesses and I though, what would be better than Tinkerbell.

Most of the cake was created based on a cartoon image I found online and many small details (ie: birds, ladybirds, mushrooms, trees) were thought of as the cake came together. Cake was chocolate with a raspberry filling.

The best moment for me came when Nikki and her friends immediately screamed out "TINKERBELL!!" and started softly petting all the characters (how cute!!!!!). I could tell that they tried very hard to hold themselves back from ripping Tinkerbell and her friends off the cake (good job kids!!) and waited until the cake was cut before debating on which character to take home with them (oh kids!!). Kids really make all the effort worth it.