Sunday, February 15, 2009


Many cakes these days are filled with many exotic flavors. Back in the day, cakes were simply filled and frosted with dairy/non-dairy whipped cream. These days, a multitude of flavors explode in one's mouth with a single bite of cake.

This is mainly due to the incorporation of flavors of the cakes versus the fillings. It isn't always easy to decide on a particular cake flavor and and a different flavored filling. Many would agree that for an important event, especially for a wedding, where the cake has to be positively perfect, cake tasting is absolutely necessary. In fact, most bakeries and cake studios offer this as a compliment to a cake order. Utilize this opportunity to try different cake versus filling flavors. You never really know what flavor combination might blow your mind.

All our cakes may be filled with any of the fillings listed below:

White Buttercream - Cupcakes (may be colored)
Vanilla Buttercream

Chocolate Buttercream
Raspberry Filling
Mocha Filling
Cream Cheese Filling
Chocolate Ganache

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